Who knew there was a Premium Version of Public Official?

Over a year ago I wrote a piece about my city electing Kassandra Gove as the first Amesbury native, the youngest (at 34), and the first woman Mayor of Amesbury: Kindness & Accountability: Amesbury’s New Mayor Wants You to Be Her Neighbor & to Keep Her on Her Toes —…

Humor that shines a light on hypocrisy or can hurt our feelings.

Ask some people and they will tell you without hesitation that they hate sarcasm.

How do I know? Years ago when I was on a dating website the template asked my dislikes, offering me a list to choose from. I could check the boxes next to the appropriate choices for…

This covertly hostile behavior is pervasive but often considered normal.

I wrote a piece about Emotional Self-Management, and as I began to examine the common shortcomings related to emotional awareness and self-management, passive-aggressive behavior stepped into the spotlight and stayed there. After it hogged so much attention I decided to give it its own dedicated page. This is it.

What is it?


Ever wish you could stay unruffled? Consistently cool and calm?

Emotional Self-Management is the ability to manage ourselves when interacting with others.

If you’re human you will struggle at times with your emotional reactions. Some of you react outwardly in ways you may wish to tone down. Others don’t show it but feel a reactive turmoil inside.

Even those who…

If I can put myself in your shoes I can hope to understand you.

Okay, but how exactly do we do that? Consistently.

You face endless challenges doing your best to maneuver through life.
My guess is that improving your communication skills is not on your to-do list.

When “communication skills” are mentioned in almost any setting, the eye-rolling begins. We think we’ve been-there-and-done-that. But it doesn’t show in our interactions.

I rarely…

Preventable, but it happened twice at NASA. Are we in for a third? Egomaniacal arrogance and denial that overlooks safety.

The Challenger disaster in 1986 was a once in lifetime space program tragedy…until it wasn’t (once in a lifetime that is).

Seventeen years later in 2003, we had the Columbia disaster.

Both were completely avoidable.
Both were the result of a dysfunctional system — an arrogant hierarchy of liars who…

Transparent, inclusive & kind — the mayor, the police & you.

It’s happening. We’re getting closer to being a full-fledged Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Mayor Gove is leading the way with her people-focused governing. Of course, it’s not perfect. Like any mayor, she’s had tough decisions to make, many of which were related to complex projects and policies.

The urge to simplify…

Does a State Representative who’s thinking of running for Mayor know what they’re getting into?

State Representative? Mayor?

Political roles are pretty much the same, right? Wrong.

Let’s compare these two public servant positions.
(Note: each role is described in layman’s terms to provide a basic understanding. They are not legal definitions and don’t include all aspects)

A State Representative:

  • represents a specific district of the state (usually…

How does a bellwether consistently recruit top-notch staff?

In Ezra Klein’s May 7, 2021 podcast featuring Elizabeth Warren, he mentioned something that was an illuminating factor for me during her presidential run — the quality of her staff.

“…this is more subtle, but it’s really important. Warren pays much more attention to staffing than most figures in Washington…

Because it’s a grown-up skill that will serve you.

When was the last time you heard an authentic apology?

You might think you’ve heard a lot of them…apologies. But at least some and perhaps many were a bucket of excuses or halfhearted non-apologies.

We don’t often hear a full-fledged apology in our families or our workplace. …

Christine Green

Relational & Procedural Skills Coach. Web Design. Unbridled perspectives on almost everything. https://christinegreen.com/coaching/

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