They Aren’t Buying Conspiracy Theories-They’re Buying the Lie That Democrats Are the Enemy

And it’s far more serious than just “owning the Libs”

“The Incitement Canard: Trump-Obsessed Dems Move Forward with Unconstitutional Sham Impeachment”

Decades-Long Big Lie: Far-Right Convinces Many to Hate Democrats

Conspiracy Theories That Are Fueling Polarization & Creating Unrest

Powell changed her tune once a lawsuit was filed against her

*have a material or ideological interest in keeping the Democratic Party from power by any means possible.*

I rest my case.

How did those conservatives come by that mistrust?

News Flash!

It’s not that they’ve bought into conspiracy theories — it’s that they’ve bought into the claim that Democrats are the enemy.

Tweet: “The mob that attacked the capitol was not accidental or organic, it took years of propaganda to bring these people to the conclusion that the right thing to do was launch an attack on the capitol. The media infrastructure that did this remains intact and capable of doing it again.”


“The real big lie at the heart of the modern Republican Party is about public policy, not conspiracy theories.” — The Washington Post 2/4/21

Opinion: Republicans have been living the big lie for too long

Anyone Considered Liberal May Be Labeled the Enemy

The Shocking GOP Activity Happening at the State Level

Is There a Both Sides to This?

Are Democrats in Danger?

The only good Democrat is a d*** Democrat.” — Couy Griffin

Let It Sink In That…

80% of Republicans believe that it’s acceptable to use violence to save what they see as “their” traditional American way of life.

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