The GOP’s Decades-Long Domestic Abuse of the Democratic Party

How Republicans F*ck with Democrats Who Keep Trying to Appease Them

The Intellectual Abuse of False Promises

The False Promises That Get Democrats to Cut Bills to the Bone

Obama Chopped the Stimulus Bill Trying to Get GOP Votes

Obamacare Would Have Been Better But for the GOP

Democrats Are Trying to Govern. The GOP is Waging a Power War

Flat-Out Lies

The Immigration Bill — Obama Added the GOP Requests, But No

The GOP pulls the legislative football away from Obama as they’ve done repeatedly with Democrats

The GOP Destroyed THEIR OWN Legislation Simply to Screw Obama

Bad Faith by the GOP

Democrats keep falling for it.

Fool us once, shame on you…

Fool us twice, shame on us.

Fool us for decades, call us stupid.

The GOP Slowed the 2021 Transition to a Crawl for Democrats

The GOP Vengence Threatened Our National Security in 2021

This was pure, mean-spirited obstruction by the GOP — inexcusable action that threatened national security.

Let’s F*ck with Merrick

Democrats Never Get Credit for Their Compromises

Fox “News” Will Never Give Credit to Democrats

The GOP Calls Us Names No Matter What We Do

GOP is Uncooperative, Then Claim Democrats Are Partisan

Biden in Office— The GOP Starts the False Narrative Immediately

The GOP: From a Governing Party to a Power Party

August 21, 2019 article about Rush and Newt

They Just Wanted to Entertain

Democrats Were Passive

The day after House Impeachment Managers said never mind to witnesses and longer trial.

Democrats Could End It

With Skills, We Don’t Need to Be a Bully Like Them

The Self Sabotage of Decades of Political Codependency

The COVID-19 Rescue Bill

Rep. Pramila Jayapal on Rachel Maddow February 8, 2021 —

Impeachment 2.0 for the 45th President

Historian Heather Cox Richardson’s February 13, 2021 post

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