The Difference Between a Mayor & a State Rep? Executive Leadership Skills

State Representative? Mayor?

  • represents a specific district of the state (usually 3–5 cities or towns)
  • is a legislator who sponsors and/or supports bills that may become law
  • serves on committees considering legislation and overseeing state agencies
  • procures funds for the communities they represent
  • helps constituents with problems dealing with state agencies
  • participates and speaks at community meetings and events, giving citations from the State House of Representatives to local individuals and groups deserving recognition

How is the Role of Mayor Different from a State Rep?

State Reps Are Not in a CEO Position

A State Rep Doesn’t Run a City or Have That Level of Responsibility

  • A State Rep doesn’t need to immediately develop a comprehensive plan for keeping residents safe and assisting businesses when surprised by a deadly pandemic. They aren’t in the spotlight with tens of thousands of people watching to see how they handle the crisis.
  • A State Rep doesn’t need to take calls at a moment's notice on a Sunday afternoon from reporters who want a statement about the boy who was pulled out of the lake by the Police and Fire department.
  • A State Rep doesn’t need to understand, develop, negotiate and oversee a multi-million dollar budget.
  • A State Rep doesn’t oversee all city departments with the department heads reporting to them.
  • A State Rep doesn’t have to deal with complaints about how the city invests its revenue.
  • A State Rep doesn’t get blamed for every pothole or crumbling sidewalk.
  • A State Rep doesn’t get trashed on social media by residents who don’t understand why their tax bill went up.
  • A State Rep isn’t responsible for the management of a city.

A Mayor is the City’s CEO & Requires Strong Leadership Skills

A Mayor Needs Business Acumen

A Mayor Needs Leadership Skills

People Skills — The Often Overlooked Proficiency of a Great Leader

Vision — Not a Necessity But the Best Mayors Have It

A Mayor Has a Ton of Responsibility

One More Quality — An Ability to Not Take Things Personally

If you thought one political role was the same as another — think again. They are not interchangeable.

Being a Mayor is far more difficult than being a State Representative.

State Representatives Work Hard

The Best Mayors Make Their Job Their Life



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