The Challenger & Columbia Space Disasters: Will Billionaires with Premature Liftoff Create Another?

Top L: The crew of the Challenger in 1986. Top R: The crew of the Columbia in 2003. B: Flying billionaires

How Could This Happen?

Safety Issues Had Been Documented and Discussed for Years

A Later Investigation Reported Serious Anomalies Were Ignored

Conclusions in this report conflict with the Rogers Commission:

Seventeen Years Later a Repeat Performance of Preventable Tragedy

What is This Culture of Arrogance and Denial?

Highly Dysfunctional Culture and Embedded Irresponsibility

Three Mile Island Disaster Also Resulted from Lies & a Coverup

Will There Be Another Space Disaster As Billionaires Compete?

Is Virgin Galactic’s Unity 22 Space Plane Safe?

Ah, the rules that don’t apply to the privileged!



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