Recognize a Great Leader by Who They Attract & Hire

Ability to Attract High-Quality Staff

How Do We Raise Our Vibe to Attract Impressive People?

Recognizing and Investing in Those with Potential

Warren’s Presidential Campaign Staff Were the Cream of the Crop

I Looked Behind the Scenes to Assess Warren’s Staff and Volunteers

That’s when I had my epiphany —

Elizabeth Warren attracted and hired the best of the best — brilliant, creative, committed, and genuinely kind people. That spoke volumes about the kind of leader she was.

Staffing not only matters — it’s mission-critical.

What About the Staff of Other Candidates?

Leaders Who Hire People with No Experience and/or Bad Behavior

High Staff Turnover (for whatever reason) is Always a Red Flag

  • unhappy
  • troublesome
  • incompetent
  • abusive
  • being abused
  • a sexual harasser
  • being sexually harassed
  • or any number of other negative possibilities
Christine Green: * Coaches business owners on how to make better hiring decisions.* Has taught a “How to Hire” seminar to middle managers. Read Christine's articles on Leadership.



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