Consent That Isn’t: The Violation of Women & the Demise of Men

I Thought I Had Always Consented

Expectations and Pressure — The Types of Consent

I Had the Strongest Boundaries of the Girls I Knew

The Guy I Kissed on a Double Date

The Date Who Promised to Find me a Ride Home, But Didn’t

The Pot I didn’t Want to Smoke

  • Because I didn’t feel comfortable saying no.
  • To be polite and not hurt his feelings.
  • It seemed easier than having to explain. (at that age I was unaware that I could say no without explaining)
  • I had some alcohol in me — not why I did it but may have played a part.
  • I thought I could fake it.

Girls and Women Have to Contend with Many Forms of Consent

Just Because She’s Not Fighting Him Off Doesn’t Mean It’s Consent

Back in the Day of My Boomer Generation

Surely Girls Today Have Stronger Boundaries & Are More in Control?

We Are Witnessing a Dating Violence Crisis for Young Women

Online Porn Has Damaged & Addicted Young Men

Online Porn Has Destroyed Intimacy

Living in a Relationship Wasteland

The Toxic Playbook

Streaming of the Destruction of Humanity

Will We Ever Decide to End This?

Boundaries, Boundaries, Boundaries



Relational & Procedural Skills Coach. Web Design. Unbridled perspectives on almost everything.

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