Cleaning Indoor Air Reduces COVID — So Why Is No One Talking About It?

  • Ventilation by bringing in fresh outdoor air
  • HVAC upgrades to increase air exchanges for schools and buildings
  • HEPA Filtration connected to HVAC building systems
  • Portable HEPA air cleaners for individual rooms
  • Air Disinfection with Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI)

So why isn’t the White House, the media, or any public health officials promoting this? Or even talking about it?

But We Are Not Powerless — There is Much We Can Do

The Implementation of Clean Air Technology is Our Best Hope

Realistically Mask-Wearing Isn’t Coming Back

Indoor Air is One Thing We Can Control.

If we can’t keep the tiny COVID critters out of people’s noses, let’s do what we can to keep those tiny COVID critters out of the air.

Our City and Town Websites Need More Accurate Information

  • indoor distancing is not effective because particles stay in the air for hours
  • newer variants are far more contagious
  • masks must be the high ly effective KN95 or N95 (or better)

Some Businesses Have Implemented Clean Air Initiatives

The air quality can be viewed live for each Boston City Public School
Fenway High School in Boston
Choose a room in the school to see the air quality at that moment

Air Monitoring — We Can Measure the Quality of Our Indoor Air

Investment in Clean Air Technology Future-Proofs Us

Every one of us can contribute to creating Safer Air.



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