Analysis of Her Landslide Win — Amesbury Re-Elects Their Sagacious Mayor

Gove supporters on election night 2021
Over one hundred “Gove Gets It Done” signs appeared in Amesbury yards and cars on October 26, 2021

How Did She Do It When Outspent By That Much?

Why Was I So Certain She’d Win?

Her Character

Mayor Gove often rolls up her sleeves and does the work that she could ask someone else to do.

Her Equanimity

Amesbury’s Al Capp Amphitheater and Mayor Kassandra Gove

Her Leadership & Approach to Governing

Her Foresight

Gove’s Attributes That Won People Over

  • Character — Her Virtues & Authenticity
  • Her Integrity — It’s About People - Not Politics or Power
  • How She Leads — Her Intelligence & Executive Skills
  • Her Relational Skills — Assertiveness, Boundaries & Conflict Resolution
  • Her Communication Skills — Self-Responsible. Direct but with Empathy
  • Her Creativity — How She Innovates & Inspires Interest
  • Her Humility — It’s Not About Her

The Good News: You Can’t Fake This

A Different Kind of Re-Election Campaign

Gove’s Meet and Greet at the Blue Moon on the Powow River

She’s Not a Politician

Election Day 2021 in Amesbury. Mayor Gove was in sensible shoes.

What Voters Told Her on Election Day

Text in the image above: “When we headed back out from voting I stopped to talk to her and told her “I definitely didn’t vote for you last election but you more than earned my vote this time.” Kassandra said she really appreciated hearing that — she seemed very grateful for the vote of confidence.”

What Didn’t She Mention?



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